Trailer shows three minutes of Portal 2 gameplay

We got to feast our eyes on plenty of Portal 2 media while E3 was in full swing earlier this month. Valve isn't done showing off the upcoming first-person action puzzle game, though. Shacknews has posted a brand-new video that shows about three minutes of Portal 2 gameplay.

The trailer, available in HD format at Shackvideo, reveals a character that wasn't in the first game: a playful, friendly, but somewhat dim artificial intelligence with a cheesy English accent. Near the end of the trailer, the player and this AI sidekick meet GLaDOS in a hair-raising but beautifully orchestrated encounter.

Too bad Portal 2 still isn't coming out until next year. Judging by the amount of polish already present in this latest video, though, the game may well be worth the wait. That seems par for the course as far as Valve games go.

Shacknews says five more videos will go online "throughout this week."

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