Intel amps up, rebrands research activities

When you start a marketing campaign around the notion of your innovative staffers being rock stars, calling your research arm the Corporate Technology Group seems a little... buttoned down. Earlier today, Intel CTO Justin Rattner announced that the group is being remixed, starting with a much-needed name change. Henceforth, Intel's rockstars shall rock out at Intel Labs.

Rattner, who heads Intel Labs, didn't exactly frame the change in the most exciting way during this morning's keynote. "There's not really a change in what we do," he said. "The Labs reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer Paul Otellini, and really we support and collaborate with all of the major business units across the company." I can only assume attendees went on to shout "Free Bird!" at the top of their lungs.

It turns out Intel actually has made a few changes behind the scenes, though. Most notably, Intel Labs has a new mission statement—"To fuel Intel's growth, we deliver breakthrough technologies that bring the benefits of the ongoing digital revolution to everyone"—and Rattner talked about a new lab called Future Technologies Research. This lab will combine "People and Practices Research, our Everyday Sensing and Perception work, [and] Carry Small, Live Large." Intel's press release seems to refer to the same lab as Interaction and Experience Research—maybe the rock star who put together Rattner's presentation was, er, snowblind that day.

To give everyone a taste of what goes on at the Labs, Intel has posted a few demonstrations on YouTube. Play us out, Intel Research Scientist Beverly Harrison!

The videos also include this slient and somewhat cryptic clip, which shows Intel's vision of next-gen social networking. And on a lighter note, Intel's researchers have come up with a way to fetch and display alternative viewpoints when users look up controversial topics. At last, people will learn the truth about Elvis and Bigfoot.

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