Deal of the week: It's raining coupons, halellujah!

Newegg has kicked off Fourth of July celebrations a little early this year, e-mailing us a cornucopia of coupon codes that can shrink prices by anywhere from 10% to 25%. As you'll see below, the codes span a wealth of different product categories; some codes expire today, while others will last until the middle of next week. Behold!

Category Discount Promo code End date
Hard drives 10% EMCYVYZ29 7/1/2010
Motherboards 10% MBJULY 7/7/2010
ATX or HTPC computer cases 10% EMCYVYZ35 7/3/2010
Keyboards 15% EMCYVYZ27 7/1/2010
Card readers 15% EMCYVYZ33 7/7/2010
Blu-ray drives or burners 10% EMCYVYZ26 7/7/2010
D-Link switches or wireless routers 15% EMCYVYZ32 7/5/2010
LG LCD monitors 10% EMCYVYZ23 7/5/2010
Point and shoot digital cameras 10% EMCYVYZ28 7/3/2010
LG HDTVs 10% EMCYVYZ24 7/3/2010
Panasonic HDTVs 10% EMCYVYZ25 7/3/2010
Klipsh or Energy home audio speakers 25% EMCYVYZ22 7/3/2010

Combined with other promotions, these codes can make for some especially juicy savings. Take WD's 1TB Caviar Black hard drive, which sold for $94.99 earlier this week. After a $20 instant rebate (available today only) and the "EMCYVYZ29" coupon code, you can grab the drive for only $71.99 shipped.

In related deal news, Valve's Steam sale is still going, and new deals have been added for today only: the original BioShock for $4.99, Dragon Age: Origins for $23.99, the excellent Thief: Deadly Shadows for $2.99, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for $3.74.

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