Technological Dissonance: The PocketPC

— 12:14 AM on February 7, 2001

Dissonance's column returns with a very skeptical look at the efforts by Microsoft and its partners to crack the PDA market. Watch with amazement as Geoff dissects the PocketPC and holds its entrails up to the light generated by its Palm-based competition, feature by feature. Here's a preview:
Microsoft has long touted the multimedia capabilities of its PocketPC line. What's the fuss about? Well, you can play video and audio files. Of course, the video shows up on the tiny little screen, and you're going to be hard pressed to fit more than a couple of multimedia files into a device's memory.

If I want to listen to music, I'll buy a real MP3 player, or better yet a MiniDisc player. If I want to watch videos, I'll get something that supports DVD or VCDs. What does multimedia do for a handheld? It gives it another 'feature' to list—one that isn't very useful, in this case.

Is he right on every count, or do I sense a bit of fanboy zealotry in the crisp, blue-tinted virtual pages of TR? (Can't you just feel the dissonance?) Judge for yourself.
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