Launch roundup: multitouch gaming, killer DIMMs, and more

Another week, another roundup of product launches. This time, we have news from Corsair, iBuypower, and NZXT.

  • MAGIC ships with Battalion CZ-11 multi-touch gaming notebook. iBuypower's latest product isn't a new PC, but a "proprietary" application that lets users configure the Battalion CZ-11 laptop's touch screen for gaming. In the company's words, "MAGIC links a multi-touch gesture to a command the game already understands, emulating multitouch commands by mapping keystrokes or mouse clicks." You can create a profile for each game and assign gestures like tapping, panning, finger rotations, and two-finger taps. Sounds like a neat concept, although I'd probably still want to plug in a mouse.
  • NZXT debuts Sentry LXE high performance fan controller with intuitive touch screen. Here's another neat concept: a snazzy-looking fan controller with a touch-screen and an eminently affordable $59.99 price tag. The Sentry LXE isn't all glitter and no brains, either, with five external temperature probes and support for five fans. Check it out:

    The Sentry LXE has a slick brushed aluminum frame, and NZXT says you can switch off the display for "more immersive gaming sessions." Definitely not bad for 60 bucks.
  • Corsair launches single rank ultra-high-speed DDR3 DIMMs. These latest Corsair modules are rated for operation at a blistering 2625MHz, although Corsair says dual-channel configs could only climb as high as 2600MHz in its labs. That's still an impressive figure, though. Besides, if you're willing to throw liquid nitrogen in the mix, you might end up within reach of the 3GHz mark.

That's it's for this week's small crop of announcements. More next week? Hmm.

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