Report: Intel to freshen up CPU line this summer

Let's face it: after the bevy of exciting new CPUs they already launched this year, the folks at Intel probably deserve a little summer break. Nevertheless, quoting sources at motherboard makers, DigiTimes reports that Intel has a handful of less eventful launches and price cuts lined up for the summer.

This summer adventure will begin in mid-July with the arrival of three new CPUs: the six-core Core i7-970 (asking price: $885), the 2.8GHz Core i5-760 (which will cost $205), and the Core i5-870S, a low-power quad-core offering priced at $351. For what it's worth, Intel will reportedly take the Core i3-540 from $133 to $117, too.

In August, DigiTimes says we can look forward to a new Core i3 processor, the $138 i3-560, as well as a price cut that will bring the Core i7-950 from $562 to $294.

The site also talks about smaller cuts and new, Core 2-derived chips with sub-$100 price tags, but we're having a hard time getting excited about those models. When the Core i3-530 can be had for $115, and AMD continues to sell quad-core CPUs for $99.99, previous-gen dual-core offerings lose much of their appeal.

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