Rambus untamed

Nobody circles the wagons like these guys. Rambus tries to make its case in an exclusive interview with ENews (thanks to sam for the link). Here is an appetizer of what Rambus president Dave Mooring had to say.
ENews : You see the business model as a success, but it has rubbed a lot of your customers the wrong way. Can you explain the discrepancy?

Mooring : "My view is that in any industry's transition there are leaders and followers, and winners and losers, and those who are leading like it because they are the ones who reap the benefits through extra profits and extra market share with their customers. Those who are behind resist significantly, and it doesn't matter whether it's memory or some other thing, it always divides into those who have an advantage and those who don't.

Surely it will take more than PR to spin the FTC away. Undeterred, Rambus has just presented a paper called “Circuit Design for a 2.2Gbyte/sec Memory Interface” at ISSCC. You can read more here.
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