Poll: How powerful is your PSU?

The range of PSU wattages available today is truly staggering. At Newegg alone, the scale starts at 145W and goes all the way up to 1500W. You'd need a pretty power-hungry system to require anything close to even a kilowatt with today's hardware, though. I suspect most enthusiast desktops get by comfortably with much less. But just how much less?

That's the subject of today's poll, which simply asks: What's the wattage rating of your primary desktop's PSU? You can cast your vote over on the right column on the front page or after clicking on the comment link below.

In our last poll, we asked whether your primary portable PC had an optical drive. 28% of voters have an optical drive and use it often. However, another 39% have an optical drive that rarely gets used. Of the 34% of voters who go without, 4% still yearn for an optical drive, while 30% haven't looked back.

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