Report: Don't hold your breath for Intel chipsets with USB 3.0 in 2011

Last October, we learned via an unofficial report that Intel wouldn't add native USB 3.0 support to its chipsets until 2011. According to the latest story over at Fudzilla, though, Intel's time frame for USB 3.0 adoption might be more like late 2011... or perhaps even 2012.

Fudzilla claims Intel's next chipset family, the 6 series, won't include a next-gen USB host controller. The same goes for Intel's upcoming Huron River notebook platform. In both cases, it'll presumably be up to system and motherboard makers to add USB 3.0 support via third-party controllers—if they choose to do so. No real change from the current status quo, then.

Since the 6-series chipset family should launch alongside Intel's next-gen Sandy Bridge CPUs next year, we definitely wouldn't hold our breaths for native USB 3.0 support in early 2011. But Fudzilla goes even further, alleging that Intel won't make the switch until it "introduces its 2012 platforms." Yikes.

As a consolation prize, 6-series chispets will reportedly have SATA 6Gbps support built in. I believe that's correct. A P67-based motherboard Biostar showed us at Computex seemed to have nothing but third-gen SATA ports. That's not exactly a groundbreaking development, though. AMD brought native 6Gbps SATA in the 890GX chipset back in March, and now, even sub-$100 AMD 870-based mobos have completely dropped 3Gbps SATA connectivity.

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