Survey says iPad is first Apple device for many owners

Mashable has published some interesting results from a Resolve Market Research report that looks into how iPad owners use and feel about the device. Perhaps the most striking statistic in the report is that the iPad is the first Apple device for a whopping 37% of its owners. Considering the massive volume of iPads sold to date, Apple appears to have recruited quite a few new users to its Reality Distortion Field ranks.

Somewhat surprisingly, nearly half of all iPad users wouldn't consider buying a dedicated e-reader after owning the tablet. That strikes me as a little low, since one would assume that the iPad should be able to handle basic e-reader duties without issue. Perhaps the screen's lack of readability in sunlight has some users yearning an e-ink or Pixel Qi display.

Interestingly, gaming looks to be quite popular. 38% of those surveyed wouldn't buy a dedicated portable gaming device now that they have an iPad. Only 23% think the iPad is the "most enjoyable" device for playing games, though. I suppose Apple users have grown accustomed to having less-than-optimal gaming platforms by now.  Besides, trading a little enjoyment for the flexibility that the iPad provides over portable gaming systems seems like a reasonable compromise.

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