Crucial whips up SSD upgrade kits

Tossing a solid-state drive into your notebook is easy enough, but transferring your operating system and Twilight fan-site bookmarks can be less straightforward. We've already seen SSD upgrade kits that seek to make that step easier, and now, Crucial has introduced a similar line of products based on its RealSSD C300 drives.

Crucial's RealSSD C300 with Data Transfer Kit bundles (yes, that's the full name) are relatively simple affairs. They include a solid-state drive, a Serial ATA to USB adapter cable, and a disc with cloning software. From the width of it, I assume the cable takes care of both data and power connections for the included RealSSD drive.

To upgrade, you simply connect the RealSSD to your laptop via the adapter, run the cloning software to mirror your internal drive on the SSD, then take out the hard drive and put in the SSD. Easy enough, right? You might run into a snag if the contents of your hard drive won't fit on your new solid-state hotness, but there are other ways to back up videos, music, and, ahem, miscellaneous voluminous files.

Crucial charges $169.99 for the 64GB kit, $419.99 for the 128GB one, and $769.99 for the 256GB bundle. Those are exactly $20 premiums over the bare drives, which really isn't bad. Standalone 2.5" USB drive enclosures can be had for about $12-15 after shipping, but they don't usually come with free cloning software.

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