Three quarters of business PCs still run Windows XP

A few days ago, Microsoft boldly quoted Gartner data saying three fourths of business PCs may run a 64-bit version of Windows 7 by 2014. The other side of that coin? According to Business Insider, Microsoft has admitted that, right now, 74% of business PCs are still stuck with Windows XP.

The startling news came from Windows Corporate VP Tammi Reller, who spoke at Microsot's Worldwide Partner Conference earlier this week. The executive went on to note that the average age of PCs is the highest it's been in a decade: 4.4 years old. And we know WinXP was still all the rage 4.4 years ago. Heck, Vista wasn't even out yet.

Curiously, Reller doesn't see these statistics negatively. Business Insider says she reckons the older PCs are getting, the more likely folks are to upgrade, and that means more opportunities to sell shiny new Windows 7 licenses. Okay, maybe that's not so curious, after all. Windows XP is getting awfully old for so many businesses to depend on it still, though. We'll be celebrating XP's 10th birthday in just over a year now.

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