Poll: Do you have a home-theater PC?

With the exception of my desktop, the next most often-used PC in my home sits in the living room. I've had one in there for years now, and I wouldn't want to do without. To start, the prospect of relying on a cable provider's box to time-shift television makes my skin crawl. I don't see the point of having a television or entertainment center that can't access all the music, photos, movies, and other content located on my closet file server, either.

So, what about your living room? That's the focus of this week's poll, which asks: Do you have a home-theater PC? You can cast your vote over on the right column on the front page or after clicking on the comment link below.

Last week's poll tackled PSU wattage ratings. The vast majority of voters have PSUs in the 401-800W range, split between 38% running 401-600W PSUs and 35% with 601-800W models. 10% of voters have a power supply that pushes 201-400W, and the same number are in 801-1000W territory. Only 2% of those who voted are running PSUs that exceed a kilowatt, while 1% manage to get by with less than 200W. Doc would be proud of the 2% whose desktop DeLoreans are powered by 1.21 Gigawatts.

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