New anti-piracy tech built into Nintendo 3DS handheld

Nintendo has the lion's share of the portable game console market, and its upcoming 3DS handheld looks poised to extend that dominance into the third dimension. A 3D display isn't the only new feature to be incorporated into the 3DS, though. According to an interview with THQ VP Ian Curran, new anti-piracy measures have also been developed for the gaming system. Curran says rampant piracy on the DS and DS Lite made it difficult to sell games in volume, but he's excited about the anti-piracy tech built into the 3DS, even if he doesn't know exactly how it works.

"I actually asked Nintendo to explain the technology and they said it's very difficult to do so because it's so sophisticated," he continued. "They combated the piracy on Dsi, which they don't believe is cracked yet - but they know they've been hurt across the world and they believe the 3DS has got technology that can stop that.

There's just one problem: the DSi was reportedly cracked back in December... of 2008. Indeed, a quick Google search reveals at least one site entirely devoted to DSi hacking resources, such as custom firmware, compatible cartridges, and so on.

To be fair, the DSi was first released in November of 2008, so it did take a full month for hackers to circumvent the device's anti-piracy scheme. Cracking the 3DS may take even longer, but there's little reason to believe that Nintendo's defenses will be strong enough to withstand the onslaught of attacks this time around. In fact, there may now be even greater interest in busting the device wide open, just to make a point.

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