Next-gen Radeons may launch next quarter

It's probably fair to say that, with the GeForce GTX 460 now out, AMD's Radeon HD 5830 and 5850 graphics cards look much less attractive. Next-generation Radeons might be right around the corner, though. An editor over at Funky Kit got to visit HIS at its Hong Kong headquarters, and the graphics board maker apparently spilled the beans about AMD's next batch of cards.

Here's a snippet from the interview with Kenny Chow, who's reportedly HIS's Senior Marketing Officer:

Kenny: At present, we're concentrating on AMD/ATI Radeon 5xxx Series. We have been pushing our products with our own in-house designed coolers ... and it's selling very well. Next, we're expecting the new AMD/ATI Radeon 6xxx Series to be announced later this year around Q4 2010. After which, we will be releasing our own Radeon HD 6xxx series early next year.

That doesn't tell us what to expect from these upcoming Radeons, of course, and the quote seems to point to a soft launch next quarter with a retail release in early 2011. Last we heard, 6000-series Radeons were supposed to have 40-nm GPUs with current-generation shaders and some next-generation components. (Thanks to X-bit labs for the link.)

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