Launch roundup: Overclocking tools, 3D notebooks, and more

In this week's roundup, we have announcements from Gigabyte, iBuypower, Lian Li, OCZ, and Thermaltake:

  • Gigabyte launches Cloud OC and Hotkey OC. Remember those Gigabyte overclocking utilities we told you about during Computex last month? They're now available. HotkKey OC lets you switch overclocking profiles via simple keyboard shortcuts, while Cloud OC enables remote overclocking from "any device with an internet browser and wireless or Bluetooth connectivity." Right now, though, Cloud OC only works on Gigabyte's X58, P55, and H55 motherboards.

  • Thermaltake launches Armor A60 mid-tower. The Armor A60 is a neat-looking little enthusiast chassis, and it packs a couple of noteworthy storage features: a hot-swap docking bay on the left side of the case and a USB 3.0 connector on the front panel. The Armor A60 also has tool-less, side-mounted internal drive bays, and Thermaltake has given it generous cooling options. Not bad for $89.90.

  • iBuypower Launches 3D Gaming Notebook. If donning goggles and paying a premium for stereoscopic 3D entertainment floats your boat, iBuypower's Battalion 101 W860CU-3D might be for you. This 15.6" notebook has a 120Hz display, an Intel Core i5 processor, GeForce GTX 285M graphics, and Blu-ray. iBuypower throws some Nvidia 3D Vision active-shutter goggles in the box, as well. Asking price: $1,749.
  • OCZ offers 4GB DDR3 modules operating at 2133MHz. Much like the centaur from those other Old Spice commercials, OCZ's latest modules are two things: dense, with 4GB of capacity, and quick, with top rated speeds of 2,133MHz. OCZ achieves those specs at 1.65V, as well, so the modules won't cause your brand-new Core i7 to melt. OCZ says the new 4GB 2,133MHz modules are available in its Flex XLC, ReaperHPC, and Platinum lineups as 8GB dual-channel or 12GB triple-channel kits.

  • Lian Li launches USB 3.0 2.5" external hard drive enclosure. If you want to plug something into the Armor A60's USB 3.0 port without paying a sizable premium for an external USB 3.0 drive... Lian Li's EX-10Q external USB 3.0 enclosure only costs $30. The enclosure uses USB for both data and power, and unless we're missing something, it should support both conventional hard drives and SSDs.

That's all, folks! See you next week for another round of product announcements.

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