TR reader's iPad melts charger cord, nearly combusts

Apple may have succeeded in appeasing iPhone 4 users with free cases, but it could have a new problem on its hands. Right before Steve Jobs began talking this morning, TR forum regular Forge posted a rather worrying story about his iPad charging cord melting while the device was sitting on his nightstand—and the iPad itself becoming hot enough to cause him to drop and break it.

The incident reportedly happened around 5:00 AM, when he noticed the smell of burning plastic. He puled out his iPad's charging cord, which was "very melty, but more or less in one piece," and grabbed the iPad, only to drop the device reflexively because of the searing heat.  He writes:

I'm not sure how hot it was, but it was a lot. Very a lot. My spine intervened, I let go, and my hand shot into the air.
While I did the Reflex Injury Dance, my iPad hit the floor and bounced. Ouch.

Although it might be a little early to draw any conclusions, that incident sounds a whole lot like the problems that prompted mass notebook battery recalls a few years back. Too bad the iPad battery isn't user-serviceable. Could an iPad recall be on the horizon?

Update 3:27 PM: Forge has returned from the Apple Store and sent us an update.

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