Apple refuses to replace overheated iPad due to jailbreaking

In the aftermath of this morning's incident with his iPad almost catching on fire, Forge took the device to the Apple Store. He sent us this update about the reaction of the Apple staffers:

I went in, waited for my appointment, and approached the Genius Bar. I recounted my story. The Apple Rep seemed quite sympathetic, said "Oh wow, can I see it?". Without waiting for a response he took it from me and disappeared into the back for ~20 minutes. He then returned with a very small box. "Well here's what we'll do". He opened the small box and took out an AC adapter, leaned across the counter, and took mine. He handed me the new one.

"For this [iPad], I can't do anything because of this [gestured at screen]." "What, the crack?" I replied. "No, this [pointed at screen again] This there, Cydia".

"I can fix that for you" I said. Started a full wipe. "No, no, that voids the warranty completely. It's not covered for anything at all".

An hour later, the full wipe has not completed. My iPad is stuck on a screen with an Apple logo.

I asked for a hard copy of this decision for reference to a lawyer. Apple minion snatched up my iPad again and disappeared into the back [No admittance!]. After another twenty minutes, he returned with "Robert H., Store Manager". Robert explained to me that any unauthorized software was a modification. All modifications completely void the warranty. I asked if the iPad having been restored would not make this moot.

"Oh no, because the issue would be gone now too." Really? "Yes, and now there's this crack in the glass that voids the warranty as well."

"Because I dropped it, because it was very hot". "Shouldn't have dropped it."

So Apple's official position is that jailbreaking makes your iPad catch fire, and that's "Not their problem anymore".

Admittedly, the warranty implications of jailbreaking iOS-based devices aren't a secret. However, blaming the user for hardware malfunction (and subsequent damage) seems a little out there. Nothing too out of the ordinary for Apple, though. Maybe you're just not supposed to drop it that way when it burns your hands?

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