Deal of the week: Sub-$60 terabytes and a cheap Corsair PSU

All that Apple news aside, we've caught wind of a 78-hour Newegg sale that's running until July 18, and there are some nice deals to be had. Highlights include:

  • Western Digital's 1TB Caviar Green hard drive, which you can get for $59.99 shipped with the promo code "EMCYVZT34." (Regular price: $69.99.)
  • Corsair's 400CX power supply, which is available for $39.99 after the promo code "EMCYVZT28," and just $19.99 if you tack on a $20 mail-in rebate. (Regular price: $64.99.)
  • ...and Samsung's 1TB EcoGreen F2, which is on sale for $54.99 shipped after the promo code "HDDSAMSUNG1." (Regular price: $69.99.)

The Samsung drive admittedly doesn't seem to be on the actual sale page, but it's also discounted until July 18—and considering the positive reviews, it really deserves mention. Just keep in mind that low-power drives like the Caviar Green and EcoGreen F2 are usually a little too sluggish to serve as primary system drives. They're great for mass storage, however.

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