Asus 1080p 3D monitor coming soon at $499

After some foreshadowing by Nvidia last month, Asus has officially introduced a 3D monitor with a 1080p resolution and bundled Nvidia 3D Vision goggles. The VG236H will start popping up in retail listings "shortly" with a suggested retail price of $499, Asus says.

Although hardly cheap compared to non-3D monitors, the VG236H looks to have pretty decent specs: a 23" panel size, 2 ms gray-to-gray response time, 400 cd/m² luminosity, and a choice of DVI, HDMI, and component inputs. Swivel, tilt, and height adjustments are included. Asus lists the display's 120Hz refresh rate as a feature, but that's kind of a given for a 3D monitor.

As with, well, pretty much all of the 3D displays we've run into, there's a slight caveat here: the TN panel. TN technology can't quite match the color fidelity and wide viewing angles of PVA and IPS panels, so you might end up having to choose between 3D capability and higher image quality. (Only TN panels are quick enough for alternate-frame-sequencing 3D output, we're told.) To be fair, though, Nvidia argues the latest generation of TN panels, like the one in Asus' VG236H, look much better than their predecessors.

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