ServerWorks HEsl reviewed

AnandTech does the review. The following points are salient:
If you do the math, you'll realize that this interleaved memory bus of the HEsl chipset is exactly equal to the amount of memory bandwidth provided by PC2100 DDR SDRAM while the HEsl only requires PC133 SDRAM (1.06GB/s x 2 = 2.1GB/s).

When you take into account that DDR isn't exactly 100% efficient and you don't often get a doubling of the actual memory bandwidth, as well as the fact that regular PC133 SDRAM is still accessed at a lower latency than PC2100 SDRAM, you'll realize that ServerWorks is onto something very special with the HEsl chipset.

The caveats are poor AGP performance and 'only' ATA-33 support.

X-bit labs has a short note about the AMD 760MP. Tyan will be the first out of the gate but others are reportedly holding back until Palomino is released. Man, Pally in Q3 is a drag. They also comment on VIA's plans.

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