Latest 1TB, 2.5'' hard drive hails from Samsung

Okay, so Samsung is hardly the first company with a 1TB, 333GB-per-platter mobile drive. A little extra competition never hurt anyone, though. Samsung says that it has started shipping the 1TB Spinpoint MT2, and that initial shipments should be "available now."

At a glance, the Spinpoint MT2 seems to have quite a bit in common with the Scorpio Blue 1TB that Western Digital released a year ago. Both drives have 2.5" form factors, three platters, thicker-than-normal 12.5-mm enclosures, 8MB buffers, and 300MB/s Serial ATA interfaces with Native Command Queuing.

The Samsung drive, however, has a slightly quicker spindle speed—5,400 RPM instead of 5,200 RPM—which probably has a positive impact on performance. At least, Samsung's announcement touts higher performance than "competing drives"—20% quicker during reads and writes, to be specific.

The Korean firm also quotes 4% lower power consumption, although squeezing more battery life out of a notebook might not be this drive's main purpose. According to Samsung, the 1TB Spinpoint MT2 is an ideal fit for "portable storage solutions, such as the newly released Samsung S2 Portable 1TB USB Drives," as well as "digital TVs, home media systems and set-top boxes." We don't see notebooks anywhere in that list, presumably because the drive's 12.5-mm thickness prohibits placement in the hard drive bays of most laptops.

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