Apple celebrates another record quarter

If more money really does make Steve Jobs more evil, then his journey towards the dark side is almost complete. Apple has reported another record-breaking quarter, with revenue of no less than $15.7 billion in the three months leading up to June 26. (Those three months, by the way, correspond to Apple's third fiscal quarter.)

$15.7 billion is a pretty sizeable increase over the previous quarter's numbers, let alone those from a year ago:

   Q3FY09 Q2FY10 Q3FY10
Revenue $9.73 billion $13.50 billion $15.70 billion
Net profit  $1.83 billion $3.07 billion  $3.25 billion
Gross margin  40.9% 41.7%  39.1%

In terms of units moved, Apple says it also set a "new quarterly record" with Mac shipments, which hit 3.47 million in the third fiscal quarter:

   Q3FY09 Q2FY10 Q3FY10
Macs 2.60 million 2.94 million  3.47 million
iPods 10.20 million 10.89 million  9.41 million
iPhones 5.20 million 8.75 million  8.40 million

The iPad did quite well, too, with shipments totaling 3.27 million units for the quarter. As the table above attests, that means Apple sold more iPads this quarter than it did Macs last quarter—quite an achievement for the first device in an essentially new product category. (Of course, cheaper products move quicker than expensive ones, and Macs start nowhere near $499.)

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