Another three SSDs join the Corsair Force family

Corsair just keeps enlarging its Force solid-state drive family. After adding 60, 120, and 240GB drives to the 100 and 200GB offerings in May, the company has now triggered another expansion, introducing three new Force SSDs with capacities of 40, 80, and 160GB.

The incoming trio seems destined to compete with Intel's X25-M and X25-V SSDs, which have the exact same capacities. Corsair is aiming a little higher on the price scale, though, charging $130 for the 40GB, $230 for the 80GB, and $450 for the 160GB Force.

Higher performance awaits those who pay extra—or so Corsair claims. The firm quotes top sequential read speeds in the 283-286MB/s range and top sequential write speeds of 270-276MB/s, which does beat Intel in theory. (Even the 160GB X25-M has a top rated write speed of just 100MB/s.) Corsair hypes up the 40GB Force's performance in particular: "In our testing in the Corsair Lab, we found that the new Force Series 40GB SSD outperform competitive SSDs from Intel and Kingston by a wide margin," it says.

Shipments of the three new drives will kick off in August. Bargain hunters will no doubt appreciate the option of slightly lower capacities and prices compared to 120GB and 240GB SSDs—or smaller steps up from the 60GB and 120GB products, depending on how you look at it.

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