HP: We haven't killed our Windows slate... yet

When HP bought Palm and revealed plans for webOS-powered slate devices this spring, word on the web was that HP had quietly euthanized its Windows 7 slate. Evidence now points to the contrary. Kind of. Engadget has been told by HP itself that the Windows-powered slate is "still very much in the works."

Confirmation came after a mysterious HP Slate 500 product made its way onto the HP website yesterday. Inquisitive folks also unearthed an EnergyStar page for the device; the page mentions a 1.6GHz Atom processor and Windows 7.

HP hasn't confirmed any specs directly, though, and even its statement to Engadget is somewhat open to interpretation. The company reportedly said it's carrying out "customer evaluations" and "will make a determination soon on the next steps." To my eyes, that phrasing leaves room for the Slate 500's potential demise. Then again, it's just as likely that HP will allow Windows and webOS-powered tablets to co-exist.

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