Just Cause 2 giveaway winners: claim your prizes!

The response to our Just Cause 2 giveaway has been quite nice, with lots folks chipping in stories of their first PC upgrades. If you've not seen it yet, check out the thread for some entertaining reading.

After much deliberation, not to mention careful reading of the 116 submissions, we've selected the winners. They are:

bthylafh, Buub, CuttinHobo, cygnus1, DaveJustDave, DeadOfKnight, Dizik, DTShakuras, fujimoto24, Kurotetsu, Lee_144, LightSoulBlue, ludi, markbe, Rakhmaninov3, Spotpuff, sweatshopking, Wrakkenruan, and Wyglif.

If your name is in the list, please use the forum messaging feature to send me a private message and claim your free digital copy of Just Cause 2. (If you're wondering why we picked 19 winners and not 18, it's because Back Porch moderator Captain Ned graciously donated his license.)

Once again, we'd like to thank Nvidia for making this giveaway possible, Avalanche Studios and Eidos for actually making Just Cause 2, and Back Porch mods emkubed and Captain Ned for keeping an eye on this whole operation.

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