Dell is about to start taking orders for the Streak

In other slate news (if you count it as a slate), Dell's Streak device can't be much further off now. A product page has apeared on Dell's website, which quotes a "late July" purchase availability date. Users can "sign up for pre-sale," too—I guess that counts as a pre-pre-order.

The Streak has less in common with the iPad and more with the giant smartphones we're seeing lately. This device has a five-inch multi-touch display (with an 800x480 resolution), a couple of cameras, cellular connectivity, and Google's Android operating system.

Dell pimps the Streak's multimedia and social networking capabilities, and the form factor might make it easier to toss in a backpack than an iPad. Then again, some folks might prefer to lug around a big smartphone—they wouldn't be sacrificing much display real estate, and carrying one device beats carrying two.

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