Circuit board shot shows purported GeForce GTS 450

You've gotta love the rumor mill. Put together, the various reports about Nvidia's upcoming GeForce GTS 450 are starting to paint a surprisingly complete picture—quite literally so. The folks at Expreview have now nabbed purported design shots of the graphics card's circuit board.

The two images, which look like they've come out of a CAD design app, reveal a few notable details. The graphics processor package is nice and square, and it's surrounded by six memory chips. Holes for a six-pin PCI Express power connector lie at the top right, and Expreview points out traces for two DVI ports and one HDMI port. Also, a big circle surrounds the GPU and memory chips, probable evidence of a large fan. (The GeForce GTX 460 PCB has a similar circle on it.) Whatever this thing is, the GTX 450 may well run quietly.

One detail doesn't match previous reports, though: the number of memory chips. Six chips on this class of card suggests 768MB of RAM and a 96-bit memory interface, but as Expreview notes, the GTS 450 is rumored to have a gig of RAM and a 128-bit interface. Maybe we're looking at a cut-down version or another product based on the same GPU. Or maybe this is all a clever prank, and Nvidia's next mainstream card will really be covered with GDDR6 chips and include an onboard AI—we'll know for sure on launch day.

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