Mafia II demo primed for August 10

Game demos have become something of a lost art. When publishers bother at all—and they usually don't—you can typically expect a demo a few weeks after a game's release, or maybe a chance to join the multiplayer beta. The fact that 2K Games plans to grace us with a Mafia II demo over two weeks before the full game's release, then, is worthy of celebration.

As Shacknews reports, the Mafia II demo will become available on August 10, 17 days ahead of the sandbox-style action game's release. Players will get to "control Vito in the 1950s as he and his allies hunt the mobster known as 'The Fat Man.'" The name of the demo level is "Buzzsaw," in case you're wondering.

The Shack doesn't say what graphical settings will be available in the demo, but folks might get a chance to make their new PCs sweat by enabling the "APEX High" setting. 2K Games says that mode requires a GeForce GTX 470 and a GeForce 9800 GTX running in tandem—quite a change from the masses of cross-platform games that barely stress sub-$200 graphics cards.

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