Report: Two low-power AMD APUs coming late next quarter

After pulling out some numbers for investors earlier this month, AMD had news to make geeks happy: Ontario will ship next quarter ahead of schedule, making it the firm's very first accelerated processing unit (or CPU-GPU hybrid). The folks at have now posted a roadmap and some complementary details about what might be the first Ontario-based products—a pair of chips code-named Zacate.

Assuming the German site has its facts straight, and the automated translation didn't mangle them, Zacate will see the light of day late next quarter. You can expect a single-core variant with an 18W power envelope and a dual-core one with a 25W TDP. If these are Ontario chips, their CPU cores should be based on AMD's new Bobcat processor architecture. also mentions DirectX 11 integrated graphics and ball-grid-array packages, two features consistent with what AMD has revealed about Ontario so far.

With any luck, we'll see Zacate/Ontario silicon inside consumer ultraportables in time for the holidays. And those consumer ultraportables could be potent beasts. After all, Ontario will be made on a 40-nm fabrication process and will have a DX11 (and hence presumably Radeon-based) GPU. 18W for a single-core product does sound a teensy bit high, though; Intel applies a similar rating to its upcoming line of CULV Core 2010 processors, and those are dual-core designs with integrated graphics. Then again, perhaps Zacate will be a desktop part.

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