Slim new Acer displays sport LED backlights

After having slowly taken over notebooks, LED backlights are coming for your desktops. Acer has announced a trio of displays, the S1 series, which are the latest in the growing brotherhood of LED-backlit desktop monitors.

Acer offers S1 displays with 20", 21.5", and 23" panel sizes, and thanks to the absence of a bulky fluorescent backlight, the firm was able to make these puppies really thin: half an inch for the 20" and 0.6" for the other two models. Power consumption has purportedly dropped by up to 68% when compared to CFL-backlit offerings, as well. Too bad overall brightness isn't anything to write home about, at just 250 cd/m². (Acer does, however, claim a downright obscene 12,000,000:1 contrast ratio attainable thanks to its "Adaptive Contrast Management" technology.)

S1 displays should hit U.S. stores this month. Acer quotes prices of $170 for the 20" model, $220 for its 21.5" sibling, and $270 for the biggest of the three. The largest two variants both have 1080p resolutions, and the 23-incher comes with an HDMI input in addition to DVI and VGA. Acer doesn't mention panel technology in its press release, so based on the pricing, I think we can probably assume these things have TN panels.

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