Businessweek: Nvidia's future hinges on Tegra, Tesla

Nvidia has seen better days. That's more or less the jist of a recent Businessweek piece, which suggests the company will have to work harder on its new ventures to wow investors... and revive its sinking stock. Nvidia's stock price has fallen about 44% this year so far, which reportedly makes it "the worst performer in the Nasdaq 100."

Businessweek does a pretty good job of summing up Nvidia's current position. The company's GPU business has taken a few blows due to belated DirectX 11 products, and its chipset business is effectively dead. Now, the firm is betting on Tegra system-on-a-chip devices and Tesla GPU computing processors. But those bets present some challenges. According to BusinessWeek, Tesla processors haven't raised Nvidia's earnings very much despite a big design win in China. Tegra, meanwhile, is longing for high-profile adopters other than Microsoft.

Perhaps Tegra might see its breakthrough in the incoming wave of iPad copycats. We already know that Asus' 10" Eee Pad will ship with a next-gen Tegra SoC, and other hardware makers might follow. Thanks to its cocktail of ARM CPU cores, Nvidia graphics logic, and low power consumption, Tegra is a fine candidate for Android-based slates.

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