Apple outs new Macs, Cinema Display, and Magic Trackpad

Early this morning, Apple's online store went offline for maintenance. It returned with a bounty of new products, including updated iMacs and Mac Pros, a 27" Cinema Display, and the long-rumored Magic Trackpad.

Rather than revamping their respective enclosures, Apple focused on internal upgrades for its iMac and Mac Pro systems. The refreshed Mac Pros are due to arrive in August and can now play host to as many as two six-core Xeon 5600 series CPUs. Quad-core versions of the system based on last-gen Xeons will start at $2499.  A single-CPU config with a six-core Xeon will also be available, and users will be able to pair a couple of Westmere quads for $3499.  Expect to drop at least $4999 for a dual six-core Xeons. Unlike current Mac Pros, which come with a comically low-rent GeForce GT 120 by default, the new systems will start with a mid-range Radeon HD 5770. Users will be able to add a second 5770 or swap in a 5870, but the spec sheet curiously makes no mention of dual 5870s. The PSU may not have enough grunt to handle such a setup.

On the all-in-one front, the iMac is now available with a selection of Core i3, i5, and i7 CPUs. Quad-core processors are limited to the 27" iMac, which can be configured with Radeon HD 5750 graphics and even an SSD. The 21.5" variant is restricted to dual-core CPUs, but you can at least get a Radeon HD 5670 under the hood. 4GB of memory is standard across all of the new configurations, which start at $1199 and reach all the way up to $1999 for the quad-core 27-incher.

You didn't expect the latest Macs to be cheap, did you?

The company's new Magic Trackpad is much more accessible at only $69. Billed as the largest of its kind, the multi-touch trackpad looks to be as tall as Apple's wireless desktop keyboard. No dimensions are provided for what will invariably be referred to as the Magicpad, but it's bigger than the trackpad on Apple's MacBook Pro, which measures roughly 3" x 4". The Magic Trackpad connects via Bluetooth, so it's only compatible with newer Macs that support the wireless standard. Apple has also introduced its own AA battery charger to complement the device.

Turning to screens, Apple unveiled a 27" version of its Cinema Display. The new model slots in between existing 24" and 30" models at $999. Users can expect an IPS panel with a 2560x1440 display resolution, plus an integrated webcam, USB hub, microphone, and speakers. Apple won't be shipping the new display until September, though.

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