Apple finally replaces TR reader's overheated iPad

TR reader Forge won't have to ditch his iPad after all. Although Apple Store employees initially refused to replace the device after it almost combusted earlier this month, Apple's support helpline turned out to be more, er, helpful. Here's what Forge says happened when he called up the company:

Three minutes of hold, and I got a really friendly guy named Jonathan on the line. Jonathan heard just the basics (iPad HOT!) and immediately transferred me to a Product Safety specialist. I recounted the story in full to him and he was *quite* concerned, and echoed many of the sentiments here, that jailbreak or not was immaterial to the failure, and that Apple was seriously concerned. He offered to do a mail exchange, and I agreed but apparently sounded quite unenthused. He offered to send my case to the local store with an 'override number' attached, but clearly indicated that Retail doesn't answer to him, so nothing was guaranteed. Given the proximity of the Apple Store, I asked to try that.

Forge says he then headed to the Apple Store, where the store manager promptly replaced his damaged iPad with a shiny new one.

Of course, none of this tells us exactly why the original device melted its charging cord and became burning hot two weeks back. We initially suspected a battery issue, although looking around the web, we spotted a similar story involving an iPhone 4. In that case, the culprit was allegedly a faulty USB port.

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