Acer looks to be nipping at HP's heels in notebooks

Earlier this month, IDC and Gartner gave us a glimpse at last quarter's shipment numbers for the entire PC industry. DigiTimes has now posted some IDC numbers that pertain exclusively to the notebook side of the market.

Although Dell and Acer are almost tied for second place in overall PC shipments, the notebook market gives a clear advantage to the latter. Acer reportedly shipped 8.1 million notebooks globally in the second quarter, putting it both well above Dell's 5.5 million shipments and not far behind HP, which moved about 8.5 million units. Who knows; perhaps Acer's dream of becoming top dog will materialize in the notebook industry. All those cheap netbooks probably help.

Interestingly, the IDC figures quoted by DigiTimes say all of the top 10 notebook vendors shipped fewer units in the second quarter than in the first, with two notable exceptions: Lenovo and Apple. Lenovo enjoyed a cool 18.6% increase in shipments, while Apple's MacBook shipments increased by a whopping 37.6%. Others saw their shipments drop by anywhere from 1% to 32%. The big players aren't in any danger of losing ground to the Mac maker, though, since it's still a distant seventh behind Asus and Toshiba in the world-wide rankings. I'd be interested to see how Apple's notebook shipments rank in the States, though. Too bad DigiTimes hasn't posted those.

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