New Kindle starts at just $139 with Wi-Fi only

The iPad might already have a wider installed base than the Kindle, but Amazon isn't giving up. Quite the contrary; the firm has announced a new version of the Kindle priced at only $139, which might help move a little more volume.

Amazon says the new Kindle will become available on August 27. The $139 model will have only Wi-Fi connectivity, and you'll need to cough up $189 for the 3G-enabled version (which, like the current Kindles, should let you purchase and download books from anywhere by piggybacking onto AT&T's network).

The new-and-improved Kindle still has a 6" display, but its body is 21% smaller, and the device weighs 15% less (8.5-8.7 oz depending on whether you want 3G or not). Amazon also talks of improvements to the E-Ink display, which now has 50% higher contrast and 20% quicker page turns. Storage capacity has doubled, too. At the same time, battery life is still very impressive: up to a month with wireless connectivity disabled, Amazon says. Quite a bit better than the iPad's 10 hours.

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