Mercury Research: AMD outshipped Nvidia last quarter

CNet News has posted some fresh GPU market share numbers from Mercury Research that suggest AMD managed to outship Nvidia in the second quarter of this year.

For the graphics market as a whole, which includes integrated graphics, AMD reportedly had a 24.5% market share, while Nvidia secured only 19.8%. AMD managed to bag 51% of discrete graphics shipments, too, while Nvidia got 49%. Those are pretty sizable gains by AMD compared to the same quarter a year ago. The CNet story recounts that AMD's overall market share was just 18.2% to Nvidia's 29.6% in Q2 2009, and discrete shipments were split 41% to 59% in Nvidia's favor.

AMD can probably thank the delays that have plagued Nvidia's DirectX 11 GPUs for at least part of its good fortune. Keep in mind AMD managed to squeeze out mid-range DX11 graphics cards onto the market way back in October of last year, but Nvidia has yet to strike back a full line of with equivalently priced products. The GeForce GTX 460 is a good step in that direction, but no cigar.

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