Radical gaming mouse ripples with adjustment options

I've seen a lot of outlandish gaming mice over the years, but this one takes the cake. Ars Technica has a review of Mad Catz's R.A.T.7 gaming mouse, which looks like an extra from the last Transformers movie.

Believe it or not, function guides the R.A.T.'s novel design. The mouse is completely adjustable, allowing users to alter the position of the palm rest and thumb panel to suit the shape of their hands. Those looking to change the mouse's tactile feel can choose between three included palm rests and pinkie grips that offer different surface treatments. The weight's adjustable, too.

As one might expect from a fancy gaming mouse, the R.A.T. offers multiple precision settings, several programmable buttons, and even support for multiple profiles. There's no tilt functionality for the main scroll wheel, but a second wheel sits right near one's thumb. Total cost? An even $100 for the wired version, and $30 more for a wireless model.

That might seem like a lot to spend on a mouse, but with so many adjustment options, this really looks like several mice rolled into one. It's a shame none of those variants is suitable for lefties, though.

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