Review finds flaws in free Need for Speed MMO

EA's free Need for Speed World racing MMO opened its roads to the public this week. The thinly veiled vehicle for paid downloadable content caps standard users at level 10, and you'll have to shell out $20 for the game's "Starter Pack" to progress any further. According to this review over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the game might not be worth the investment. At least not yet.

With a lot of grinding, the author leveled up to Starter-Pack territory, only to find little new content beyond the threshold and lots of problems along the way. There seem to be issues with most facets of the game, and lag can be a problem. I actually tried to give Need for Speed World a shot the other night, only to relent after about an hour of consistently laggy racing. The few moments of smooth gameplay were fun, though.

This latest NFS, er, World is likely to develop quite a bit over time, so there's certainly room for optimism about its future. Despite his complaints, the review's author still found a "really solid racing game" at the core of EA's latest Need for Speed experiment.

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