National Cheesecake Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. DigiTimes reports Intel to announce next-generation desktop platform at CES 2011
  2. X-bit labs: AMD readies new 6-core microprocessor for back-to-school season
    and source denies excessive power consumption of the first AMD Fusion processors
  3. MacRumors reports new 27" iMac disassembled, aftermarket SSD install deemed difficult
  4. CNBC reports Nvidia's earnings warning could signal chip glut
  5. C|Net reports graphics chip market sees big changes
  6. Fudzilla reports KFA2 outs fastest GTX 460
  7. Donanim Haber: Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 clock speeds revealed
    but GeForce GTS 450 postponed (in Turkish)
  8. Engadget reports Canadian iPhone 4 launch details emerge: Rogers offers
    6GB for $30, iPad sharing for $20 (update: Bell's iPad deal is cheaper)

National Cheesecake Day

  1. Bloomberg: Google access in China normal after blockage reported
  2. Fortune on Google: The search party is over
  3. DigiTimes reports DDR3 contract quotes down for 2H July
  4. C|Net reports Motorola earnings beat expectations
  5. Wired reports Google, CIA invest in 'future' of web monitoring
  6. Ars Technica on Wi-Fi "Hole196": Major exploit or much ado about little
  7. X-bit labs report Wi-Fi-enabled devices to exceed 1.9 billion units by 2014 - analysts
  8. Hardware Canucks take Kingston factory tour (Hsinchu, Taiwan)
  9. The Register reports supercomputer geek builds Cray-1 around home PC
  10. TC Magazine reports MSI reveals the GX660(R) gaming laptop
  11. Engadget reports Samsung refreshes X Series laptop lineup with Core i3 ULV chips
  12. TC Magazine reports DDR3-packing Eee PC 1015PD gets detailed
  13. Microsoft: We are focusing on eight core businesses
  14. Microsoft's Ballmer: Windows 7 slates are 'job number one'
  15. InformationWeek: Dell Streak release date anyone's guess
  16. Ars Technica reports PTex 3D texturing becomes a reality at SIGGRAPH
  17. Fudzilla reports GeForce GTX 460 sells good
  18. C|Net reports Asus VG236H features 120Hz, 3D-capable refresh rate
  19. Engadget reports Amazon sees e-book sales surpassing
    paper versions
    , has Mirasol technology in the Kindle labs
  20. TechFlash: Amazon's Jeff Bezos talks about Angry Birds and the power of the Kindle
  21. Yahoo! News reports YouTube ups video limit to 15 minutes
  22. Engadget: Redbox rolling out $1.50 Blu-ray rentals at 13,000-plus kiosks, nationwide by fall
  23. HomePlug Powerline Alliance announces revolutionary
    advancements for next-generation Powerline networks
  24. DailyTech reports Arctic Lasers' "Lightsaber" laser weapon sees high demand, complaints
  25. PCPer podcast #115
  26. Dealzon's deals: 15% off 23” Lenovo IdeaCentre A700, $200 off 10” Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t,
    $130 off 14” hp g42-230us AMD, and $250 off Monster Beats Studio by Dr. Dre + 16GB Zune
Networking and mobile news

  1. Ars Technica reports Google in the clear over UK Wi-Fi snooping
  2. DSLReports: White House pushes for warrantless access to ISP records
  3. TWL's BlackHat 2010 event coverage
  4. C|Net guest column: The jailbreaking exemption has its limits
  5. C|Net reports Bob Kerrey not joining MPAA after all
  6. Comcast to customer: Pay us $0.00 or we'll cancel your service
  7. TechFlash reports Best Buy partners with Clearwire
  8. FierceWireless: What is Sprint's trump card?
  9. AT&T gets latest RIM smartphone exclusive
  10. Gizmodo: Unannounced BlackBerry Bold 9780 and OS 6.0 shown off in video
  11. DailyTech reports HTC EVO 4G Android 2.2 update coming next week
    and Android wallpaper app stole scores of users' data, sent it to China
  12. Droid Life's Droid 2 user guide
  13. Ars Technica reports Sprint set to release 3G-enabling "case" for iPod touch

  1. SuperSite for Windows on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Beta
  2. Ars Technica reports Windows 7 trounces Windows XP at green computing
    and Internet Explorer 9 beta to arrive in September
  3. F-Secure: Rogue AV masquerades as a Firefox / Flash update
  4. TC Magazine reports Creative taking onboard audio
    to the next level with new Sound Blaster software
  5. The Register reports Nvidia plugs-in Visual Studio with CUDA 3.1
  6. BCW reviews FileMaker Pro 11
  7. Sysinternals suite - July 29, 2010
  8. Everest Ultimate Edition 5.50.2209 beta
  9. EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition 6.1.1
  10. Mac OS X Hints: iTunes 9.2 adds Undo & Redo commands
  11. GPU Caps Viewer v1.8.9
  12. Engadget reports Lookout's App Genome Project warns
    about sketchy apps you may have already downloaded

  1. Shacknews reports Capcom first quarter profits drop 90% and
    Nintendo reports sales down 25%, net loss; 3DS release date
    announcement announced
  2. VG247 on Sony Q1 results: PS3 hardware up 118%, software explodes to 24.8 million
  3. Engadget reports new Xbox 360 4GB's packaging shows off 250GB HDD upgrade option
  4. Fudzilla reports H.A.W.X. 2 will not have Kinect support
  5. Shacknews reports Halo: Reach campaign trailer features the lesser-known 'beginning' of the fight
  6. FiringSquad reports Shogun 2: Total War "gameplay" trailer released
  7. Garry's Mod and Serious Sam HD: Second Encounter updates released
  8. MAME 0.139s
  9. Ars Technica on Limbo's ending: What does it all mean? The many theories
  10. Ars Technica: StarCraft II is a full game, no matter what whiners say
  11. KitGuru reviews StarCraft II (PC)
  12. TechSpot on StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty GPU & CPU performance
  13. GamePro on the real science of StarCraft II
  14. Steam has Just Cause 2: 50% off weekend deal
Systems and storage

  1. Guru3D rig of the month - July 2010
  2. HotHardware reviews Asus Ion 2-powered Eee PC 1201PN
  3. AnandTech and Engadget review Asus U33Jc-A1 Bamboo series
  4. AnandTech reviews Core i7-970
  5. Hardware Heaven's Intel X58 motherboards roundup - July 2010
  6. iXBT Labs review Asus Crosshair IV Formula
  7. Funky Kit reviews 4GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer (LED) DDR3-1600 memory kit
  8. OCC reviews Kingston HyperX blu KHX1600C9D3B1K2/4GX memory kit
  9. UMLan reviews 500GB Seagate Momentus XT
  10. TWL reviews 256GB Crucial RealSSD C300
  11. Neoseeker reviews 120GB Corsair Force SSD
  12. Benchmark Reviews on 120GB OCZ Agility 2 Extended SandForce-driven SSD
  13. LanOC Reviews on 60GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD
  14. OCIA reviews Vantec NexStar SATA-to-USB 3.0 adapter

  1. PC Authority on HDMI and its labeling requirements
  2. TheSixthAxis: Is 3D already dying?
  3. reviews KFA2 GeForce GTX 460 1GB LTD OC
  4. KitGuru reviews PowerColor HD 5770 Vortex 1GB
  5. AnandTech reviews WD TV Live Plus
  6. XSReviews on Tunebase FM modulator
  7. TweakTown reviews Psyko Audio Labs 5.1 PC gaming headphones
  8. Magic Trackpad or tragic Mac pad? Ars Technica has a review
  9. iFixit's Magic Trackpad teardown
  10. techPowerUp! reviews Razer Abyssus gaming mouse
Power, casing, and cooling

  1. InsideHw reviews 900W Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold PSU
  2. Elite Bastards review 500W OCZ ModXStream Pro PSU
  3. reviews NZXT Vulcan case
  4. ProClockers review Choiix Comforter Lapdesk
  5. Rbmods on Macally G-S350SUAB HDD enclosure
  6. PureOC reviews CoolIT ECO C240 A.L.C.
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