Beta Catalyst driver adds StarCraft II antialiasing

Don't despair, Radeon owners. You, too, can enjoy smoothly antialiased Zerg rushes in StarCraft II. All you've gotta do is download the new Catalyst 10.7a beta driver, which lets users enable antialiasing for Blizzard's hot new real-time strategy game through the Catalyst Control Center.

According to the driver download page, the newfound AA support is available to folks with Radeon HD 2000-series or newer graphics cards—along with "ATI Radeon Mobility equivalent series of products"—running Windows 7, Vista, or XP. So, yeah, pretty much anyone with a PC built in the past three years should be able to partake.

AMD also lists "improved performance for Quad ATI CrossFireX for Eyefinity supported configurations" as a feature of the Catalyst 10.7a beta drivers. That sounds a tad vague, but I'm sure all 10 people who run quad Radeon GPUs with triple- or hexa-monitor setups will be overjoyed.

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