Report: PC vendors to focus on ARM slates

Intel's "mobile Internet device" concept from a few years back might not really have gone anywhere, but slates are a chance for Atom processors to shine, right? Well, not so fast. DigiTimes has spoken with its sources at notebook players, and they say ARM-based slates will be their main focus.

Reportedly, notebook makers believe using ARM chips and Google's Android operating system will give them more compelling pricing, power consumption, and thermals than Intel chips and Windows would. DigiTimes says vendors are already "purchasing processors from Freescale, Nvidia and Qualcomm" for those reasons—good news for Nvidia, no doubt about it.

That said, DigiTimes notes that the vendors will ship small quantities of Atom-powered Windows slates to "maintain their relationships with Intel and Microsoft, and also to gauge market demand." So, odds are you'll still be seeing Atom slates in stores, just not as many as Intel might hope. That'd be a shame; Intel's Z600-series Atoms look like pretty capable candidates for slate devices, and after all, Android does run on x86 hardware.

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