Macallan UI brings multi-touch goodness to Windows

Windows 7's user interface works great with a mouse. However, it's hardly tailored for the multi-touch gestures set to dominate input for next wave of tablets. One solution is to run a custom user interface on top of Windows, and that's just what the folks at UI Centric have done with "Macallan." Neowin has the goods on this tablet-tailored UI, which is set to ship on hardware from a "major manufacturer" in the third quarter of this year.

The stripped-down UI looks very slick, and its approach to task switching is certainly unique, even if the accompanying visual effect stutters a little in the demo video embedded above. Macallan supports Flash and Silverlight, allowing the device to seamlessly access Hulu and the BBC's iPlayer site. The video also teases "really cool things with USB support," which will be revealed in the next installment.

Although Macallan certainly looks promising, it may take more than a fancy UI to draw tablet makers to Windows. According to this report at DigiTimes, manufacturers aren't enthusiastic about the prospects of Atom-based Windows tablets. Most are focusing their efforts on ARM-based Android slates, the site says. That could change when Intel's tablet-focused "Oak Trail" Atom revision hits early next year, though.

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