New Samsung drive crams 2TB into three platters

That was quick. Just six months after introducing its 2TB EcoGreen F3EG hard drive, Samsung has announced the EcoGreen F4EG, which delivers the same storage capacity using three platters instead of four. The new drive is supposed to be cheaper, too, with a $119.99 suggested retail price.

Samsung calls the F4EG the "world's highest-density, environmentally friendly hard disk drive (HDD) for the desktop market." The EcoGreen label, in case you haven't figured it out, implies a reduced spindle speed—much like WD's Caviar Green and Seagate's Barracuda LP brands. Samsung claims the F4EG has 19% better "standby time performance" and 23% lower standby power consumption than the F3EG.

The F4EG sounds pretty unremarkable otherwise, with a 300MB/s Serial ATA interface, Native Command Queuing, a 32MB cache, and a 3.5" form factor. Samsung says it'll begin shipping the F4EG next month in both 2TB and 1.5TB variants.

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