Microsoft teases new, 'touchy' device

No doubt miffed that gadget blogs were inexplicably excited about Apple's Magic Trackpad last month, the folks at Microsoft Hardware have posted a couple of tweets with teaser images revealing a mysterious upcoming product. Assembled together, the two images look like so:

The first tweet also provides one hint: "Don't be so touchy…flat is where it's at." (And no, there isn't a bigger image.)

Considering Microsoft Hardware is all about mice and keyboards, one would be tempted to think this upcoming product is some sort of multi-touch mouse. That certainly wouldn't be the first hint; Microsoft demoed multi-touch mouse prototypes last year, and e-tail listings for a "Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse" quietly appeared last month. The pictured design doesn't look very arc-like, but who knows... perhaps Microsoft has more than one multi-touch peripheral up its sleeve. (Thanks to Engadget for the tip.)

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