Crysis 2 won't come out this year, after all

"But will it run Crysis 2" probably won't become a catchphrase this year. That's because, as IGN reports, Electronic Arts has decided to postpone Crytek's upcoming shooter until the first quarter of 2011.

EA's Jeff Brown gave IGN a pretty straightforward explanation for the delay. "We moved to the game to a better marketing window in the March quarter . . . This will also give the Crytek team more time to polish a great title," he said. The game was previously primed for a launch some time this fall.

I've gotta admit I was looking forward to another helping of eye candy (and alien massacre, of course) from Crytek. Giving the game studio a few more months to prepare for its first ever cross-platform release probably isn't a bad idea, though. We wouldn't want a botched PC version, now, would we? (Thanks to Shacknews for the tip.)

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