Android became best-selling smartphone OS last quarter

Well, that didn't take long. The NPD Group reports that Google's Android OS outnumbered all other smartphone operating systems on devices sold in the US during the second quarter of this year. Android captured 33% of smartphone sales in the quarter, moving ahead of RIM, whose share dropped to 28%. Despite a "small gain" from the iPhone 4 launch at the end of the quarter, Apple only managed third place with 22% of the pie.

Of course, there are quite a few more Android-powered devices than there are handsets running iOS. Among Android smartphones, Motorola's Droid proved to be the most popular. Behind it, four HTC models rounded out the top five. Keep in mind that these figures only apply to U.S. sales, though.

This marks the first time BlackBerry maker RIM has lost the smartphone OS crown since the fourth quarter of 2007. Not that we should be surprised. A recent Nielsen survey discovered that only 42% of BlackBerry users want to stay with RIM for their next smartphone. The recently introduced BlackBerry 6 operating system may help the platform hang onto some additional users, but I suspect it won't be long before iOS takes over the number two spot. Besides, most BlackBerry users I've known have stuck with the platform only because it's been provided and paid for by their employers.

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