Poll: Your network-attached storage solution

In this week's podcast, we field a question about home storage servers. Scott and I both have network-attached storage rigs cobbled together from old parts, but then testing PC hardware tends to give us plenty of fodder for such builds. That got me thinking.  What about folks who don't have a cornucopia of old parts lying around? Does the average TR reader have a dedicated storage box in his closet, or does he rely on something different for network-attached storage?

And so we have a new question for you this week. Do you have network-attached storage in your home? You can cast your vote over on the right column on the front page or after clicking on the comment link below.

In last week's poll, we quizzed readers on the motherboard form factor likely to underpin their next desktop. Just over half (53%) of those who voted plan to stick with the tried-and-true ATX platform. 27% intend to build their next desktop box with a microATX motherboard, while a surprising 10% will squeeze into Mini-ITX dimensions. Moving in the opposite direction, 6% of those who voted will be using an Extended ATX mobo. The remaining 3% have no plans to build another desktop, presumably because they've converted to notebooks.

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