Logitech crams 13 'controls' on new wireless gaming mouse

The WarMouse Meta might take the crown for most prepsterous number of buttons, but Logitech's Gaming Mouse G700 doesn't fall very far behind. Announced earlier today, the new Logitech pointing device has 13 "precisely placed" controls that can be assigned to macros, and it boasts a "full-speed" wireless connection.


From the photos in the rest of Logitech's image gallery, I can see four thumb buttons, three side buttons on the left, two buttons behind the wheel, and the usual left- and right-click buttons. To Logitech's credit, the ergonomics of the thing don't look bad; it seems to take after the famous G500 and the newer MX1100 in terms of shape and button placement.

Logitech throws in what seems to be a nice touch for gamers, too: a quick-connect cable that lets you keep using the mouse while you charge it. (There's a USB connector in a little alcove at the front.) With a $99.99 price tag, though, this mouse isn't for the faint-hearted.

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