New 30” Dell monitor spotted in the wild

Dell appears set to add a new 30″ monitor to its stable. Pictures of a boxed “U3011” appeared earlier this week, and TFT Central now claims to have specifications for the upcoming model. Reportedly, the U3011 will share the 2560×1600 display resolution of its 3008WFP forebear, and Dell will use an H-IPS display from LG that offers ten bits of color per channel—two more than the panels in Dell’s current 30″ monsters. The U3011 is said to have a higher contrast ratio and quicker grey-to-grey response times than the 3008WFP, as well, although the new model doesn’t look to be any brighter than the old one.

As one might expect from what will no doubt be an expensive display, the U3011 ripples with connectivity. In addition to dual DVI and HDMI ports, users can expect DisplayPort, VGA, and even component inputs. TFT Central says the U3011 is slated for an October release, but official pricing has yet to be revealed. Not that you should be overly concerned with this monitor’s list price. Dell displays routinely benefit from deep discounts, and the U3011 probably won’t be an exception to that rule.

If the incoming U3011 replaces either of Dell’s existing 30″ offerings—the 3007WFP and 3008WFP—the outgoing model could be available at bargain basement prices. Upgrading the Benchmarking Sweatshop’s meager monitor array may soon become dangerously tempting. (Thanks to Engadget for the tip.)

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    • anotherengineer
    • 9 years ago

    I was looking/dreaming of a 30″ monitor, but then realized that one could buy 3 good 24″ panels and a good vid card for the same price!!

      • djgandy
      • 9 years ago


      • JoeKiller
      • 9 years ago

      Yes, but then you wouldn’t have a 30″ monitor nor the high resolution, thus missing the whole point.

        • Machupo
        • 9 years ago

        You could get 3x 26″ asus monitors *and* a 5970 for the price of this monitor (don’t know exactly, but if the previous two generations were any indication…)

        So, i’ve got a 49″ composite with a 3600×1920 resolution with a kickass gaming card to boot… Sorry, but the bezels don’t annoy me quite enough to spend that much more.

          • demani
          • 9 years ago

          BUT is it an H-IPS panel? As discussed elsewhere, that is a quality worth paying for for some people, and having one contiguous screen makes a difference (back to photo and video editing).

          But yeah- 98% of people are better served by going with 1920×1200 panels rather than going big.

          • wira020
          • 9 years ago

          Good argument, but this 10-bit IPS…

    • sweatshopking
    • 9 years ago

    if it’s over 100$ for a monitor = me not buying.

    • Sargent Duck
    • 9 years ago


    If you have the money to buy this you have the money to upgrade your video card to something that has DVI output.

      • GodsMadClown
      • 9 years ago

      I hook up multiple devices to my Dell monitor. I regularly have a computer each on the VGA and on the DVI port. VGA connectivity is still a useful feature.

    • khands
    • 9 years ago

    Nice, hopefully they drop the 3008 to ridiculously low prices.

    • xtalentx
    • 9 years ago

    That about the time I will be looking for a new monitor… This may go on my Christmas list…

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